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 GunGameMod commands

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GunGameMod commands Empty
PostSubject: GunGameMod commands   GunGameMod commands Icon_minitime2013-04-12, 18:17

This is a list of user commands registered by the GunGameMod plugin.
The commands should work with '!' or '/' in the game chat with 'sm_' in the console.

You can bind the commands to keys.
Edit your config.cfg or use the ingame console.


Binding "weapons" command only:

Bind command     Description
bind "o" "say !weapons"Will be visible in chat
bind "o" "say /weapons"Will NOT be visible in chat
bind "o" "sm_weapons"Console command. Will NOT be visible in chat
Advanced binding to select stuff in the weapons menu directly:

bind "b" "say !weapons;menuselect 4;menuselect 9;menuselect 4"
bind "n" "say /weapons;menuselect 4;menuselect 9;menuselect 2"
bind "k" "sm_weapons; menuselect 2; menuselect 2"
bind "l" "sm_laseron"

Binding commands to keys is a SourceMod feature.
It is not specific to GunGameMod.
So you can find lots of internet tutorials on how to bind commands to keys.

User commands:

Command          Description
!weaponsOpen your bag of weapons menu
!toprankShows the ranking
!topShows the ranking
...More to come soon
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GunGameMod commands
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