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Sadly the root server hardware is broken again and the servers will be closed now. More info here.


 Thank you

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Walking dead
Walking dead

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PostSubject: Thank you    Thank you  Icon_minitime2019-03-24, 22:52

When I saw the news on Saturday about more server issues, I knew that our run here was over because there has never been a graceful recovery with the hosting company that ran these game servers. However, I honestly didn’t expect these servers to run past the end of this year anyway, so I think the end was inevitable.

Our server traffic had heavily declined in 2019 except for a recent influx of survival mode traffic from Russian-speaking players. The days of completely full alServ2018 and alServ2019 co-op servers have been gone for quite some time unfortunately. GunGameMod doesn’t interest me very much without a good team and I’ve occasionally declined invitations from Steam friends to play on it.

The mechanics of Left 4 Dead 2 are simple, but the core game without mods has been completely boring to me for a long time now. The custom campaigns, alServ2000 server mods, and the regular players on these servers—several of whom are now Steam friends—gave this game from 2009 more life than it should have had.

As for me, I’ve been busy this year with lots of fun projects in real life, and I must admit I’ve lost some interest in this game with many of our regular players not returning. I’ve also spent some time playing single player games as well, and it’s nice to have complete control of my playing time.

Nonetheless, I’ve very much enjoyed my time here since 2015. As an original non-Steam player, I’ve enjoyed having a regular place to play Left 4 Dead 2 online because other non-Steam servers have not been good experiences. Even after I became a Steam player, I still considered alServ2000 to be one of the best server groups for this game, and that’s why I stayed.

I’ve enjoyed climbing the ranks to the #2 active player and top-5 all-time in both co-op and GunGameMod. I’ve enjoyed playing with players that I’ve gotten to know both on a personal level and for how they play this game. I never used voice chat in Left 4 Dead 2, but when you play with certain players long enough, you appreciate how you know exactly what they’re going to do at any time. They’re going to get that special infected off of you within one second of being jumped. They’re going to give you exactly what you need (health, throwables, points) when you need it.

I’ve had a lot of fun finding shortcuts, Easter eggs, discovering tricks, and taking advantage of unusual map/game mechanics or oddities.

  • I’ve burned the witch bride at the altar in The Passing with a molotov thrown from the streets below the apartments.
  • I’ve taught Killogy how to leap off the highway bridge in Cold Stream and survive, only to never be able to do it more than once for myself while he mastered the landing time after time.
  • I’ve taught a few players the art of the stun lock melee silent witch kill, which is so hard to do with my latency from North America that I’ve only attempted it during regular gameplay on the servers fewer than 10 times.
  • I’ve watched myljach become a master of the other silent witch kill method, the explosive environmental burn.
  • I’ve run through Military Industrial Complex II’s witch room with a laser shield.
  • I’ve relished every opportunity to make a turret portable and the shipping containers by the crane in SaltHell Park were my witch inquisitor playground.
  • I’ve moved immovable objects and stopped smoker tongue drags using only a gas can or propane tank.
  • I’ve driven Coco to the point of insanity with the Day Break Easter egg on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • I’ve carried a nearly-full server through all of Day Break’s Easter eggs only to have some players quit near the end because the psychedelic colors were causing them nausea and headaches.
  • I’ve watched TEKneek jump to places that no player should ever be able to reach and given up trying to match his jumps.
  • I’ve alternated perfectly timed grenade launcher shots with Kotory throughout the finale of True FangShi to ensure the common infected would never come close to us.
  • I’ve run the True FangShi finale with 14 resurrected Rochelle bots with myljach.

  • I’ve come back from hell from the ground level of the Mercy Hospital finale and rose back to the rooftop with the jetpack like the resurrection of Jesus.
  • I’ve jumped off the roof of the starting apartment building in No Mercy and survived with the aid of an exploding propane tank.
  • I’ve had a tank punch me into the escape helicopter for a quick getaway.
  • I’ve gotten the coveted tank solo kill bonus in co-op multiple times.
  • I’ve skipped the finale area of Dniepr: Life is Not a Bed of Roses every chance I got.

I’ve even enjoyed being an admin for the past half year. Thankfully, most of the problematic players have been gone for many years now, so the responsibility hasn’t been as challenging as it was in the past. That said, enacting my first permanent ban still felt like a rite of passage.

Thanks to myljach and Killogy for their assistance and advice as fellow game server admins during my time as an admin. I’m glad I was able to help make the servers a better place to play.

Thanks to boKY, Enigma, EternalBliss, vampirella, and other recent regular players for keeping some server activity going in 2019, even though traffic was clearly trending downward since many of our old regular players have moved on to other games.

Thanks to some of my favorite players that I have played with over the years: Demian Maroon, Klaus, TEKneek, DaileaS, Kotory, 'Erebos, Timyr, Stavroghin, * RALF 【★】, Coco, Xlayer, VIVONX, Norah, Sacrifyx, dbf, Sandeep, Vergil. You guys made the experience here great. Also, I’m sure that I accidentally left out a few other players, so I'm sorry for that.

Most of all, thanks to alBert2000 for six years of running, maintaining, and primarily funding alServ2000 and giving us a great place to enjoy Left 4 Dead 2 online.

I may be on other Left 4 Dead 2 servers in a limited capacity in the future, but it's also a good time to move on to other games that I've bought and still haven't played. It’s been a fun ride and I’ll miss the good times in the community here.
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Running dead
Running dead

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PostSubject: Re: Thank you    Thank you  Icon_minitime2019-06-08, 17:50

If you still miss old good times in community, you are very welcome to return in game, because news are good, for now i got 3 servers up!!! After much effort, run from windows, migration to linux, learn linux, learn scripting, unexpected issues, change hardware and all that from beginning, finally we have are place to play again.
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Thank you
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